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Stresses interpretation in ABAQUS


I am doing the beam tutorial in ABAQUS and I get the mises stress output as given in the tutorial document (ABAQUS manual appendix B).

I am trying to understand the S11, S22 and S33 outputs from this model. The document I am using for my steps are attached. Couldn't attach my .cae file here.

In this example Youngs modulus of 209000 and poisons ratio of 0.3 is applied. Left end of cantilever beam is fixed a load of uniform pressure of magnitude 0.5 and ramp amplitude is applied. BCs extreme left end of beam is encastre'd (rotations and translations fixed).

Now I do not understand why my S22 is not showing 0.5 or close value since I am applying a load of 0.5 in y direction. My understanding is that the load acts like external traction and hence stress at any point where such a traction is applied should just be the stress state at that point multiplied by its normal which in this case is y direction, so should'nt my s22 stress show up as 0.5. I know I am missing something very fundamental here, but can anyone explain as to what am I missing to see?

Please help.

PDF icon ABAQUS_TutorialCantilever Beam.pdf875.17 KB
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