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Output data base can't reflect input file when using abaqus UMAT


i tried to model simple thing with abaqus UMAT.

and i changed the input file like




17240, 0.3



1724, 0.3 


(first one is elastic modulus, second one is poisson ratio and fortran file is codded for isotropic elastic material)

however odb file can't not reflect the change in the input file.

i'm in panic and i'm not sure whether configuration in my computer for subroutine is appropriate.

for reference, i aleady check subroutine by 'abaqus verification' and it says "...pass continuing...".

can anyone guide how can i deal with?

i can forward the input , fortran file.

any comment would be appreciated. thanks.   

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Print the value of E and poisson's ratio from UMAT code using the following

write(*,*), E, nu 

(Assuming you are using E and nu as variables to hold modulus and poisson ratio value)


If it does not show the values that you gave in the input file, then you have an error.



thanks brunda for useful method to check codes. 

i think that i'll use it to check frequently from now on.

by the way, i fell into the error of thinking that stress will change when the modulus changes. but i have found that only strain changes when the modulus changes in my simple model(force-control model). last time i didn't check strain results. 





hello, dear brunda. In the part of *USER MATERIAL,CONSTANTS of Abaqus, is always first constant, elastic modulus and is second one poisson ratio?

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