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International Workshop 'Modeling and development of nanostructured materials for biomedical applications',

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          Development of
nanoengineering technologies and creation of nanomaterials opened new
perspectives for a number of areas of industry and everyday life. These
materials demonstrate increased strength, toughness, biocompatibility,
and can ensure higher service properties, reliability and lifetime of
devices and systems.

          Having nanostructuring
and nanoengineering technologies as the tools to enhance the service
properties of devices and machines, we are faced with the question –
which structures of nano-enhanced materials should we aim at in order to
ensure the requirements? To make the development and optimization of
nanostructured materials realizable in practice and efficient
computational models and software codes for the virtual, numerical
testing of these materials are necessary.

          In order to develop
computational modeling tools for the analysis of nanostructured metals, a
European FP7 research project "Virtual Nanotitanium" (VINAT) has been
started in 2011. This project is carried out in collaboration with the
State Contract № 16.523.12.3002 funded by the Russian Ministry of
Education and Science. The International Workshop is organized in the
framework of this project, and will cover the following topics:

  1. • Computation models at several length scales (Continuum
    Mechanics, Dislocation Dynamics, Molecular Dynamics and Ab-initio
    methods) for the simulation of the mechanical behavior or functional
    performance of nano-structured materials.
  2. • Integrated multiscale models for the simulation of the
    processing (microstructure evolution) or final properties of
    nano-structured materials.
  3. • Nanostructured and ultrafine-grained metals, thin films, multiphase materials and their modelling.
  4. • Experimental validation, software development and practical applications of computational models of nanomaterials.


The International Workshop on Nanostructured titanium and
Ti-based alloys organized together with the 5th General Meeting of EU
FP7 ViNaT Project will be held at the IMDEA Spain.






  • Prof. Javier Segurado (IMDEA, Spain) E-mail:
  • Dr. habil. Leon Mishnaevsky Jr. (DTU, Denmark) E-mail:
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