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Fatigue of Overhead Electrical Conductors

A new paper on  the OEC fatigue problem: “Determination of Early Failure Sources and Mechanisms for Al 99.7% and Al-Mg-Si Alloy Bare Conductors Used in Aerial Transmission Lines”, by S. Karabay and E. Feyzullahoglu. Paper has been accepted for publication in March 2014 in the “Engineering Failure Analysis” journal. Abstract can be found on-line:

While acknowledging the role of fretting in Aeolian vibration induced OEC fatigue, paper reports on other aspects of the problem, namely: a) Wire manufacturing defects; b) Friction coefficient; c) Wear conditions.  No relationship with vibration amplitude is sought. Results could be useful when environment conditions have to be considered. However, with the type of test data reported, the claim in the Abstract last sentence is difficult to understand.

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