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How can I model a moving load in ABAQUS?

Hi everybody,


I am trying to model the "wheel tracker" test in ABAQUS. In order to do so, I need to model a concentrated load moving in a line on a beam segment, back an forth.


 The question is, I do not know how to model this moving load. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I can refer you:

1) iMechanica:
2) a thread in the LinkedIn "ABAQUS FEA group" entitled "Moving loads in Abaqus ", started by Denis Lapchev.
3) ABAQUS Users’ Conference 2010
Finite Element Models for Dynamic Analysis of Vehicles and Bridges under Traffic Loads
J. Oliva, P. Antolin, J. M. Goicolea and M. A. Astiz

Good luck



 Thanks for you response Frank.


 I sent a request to join the "ABAQUS FEA group" in LinkedIn.


 I will get back to you in case I had other questions, if you don't mind. 



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