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Are there any online courses for fatigue and fracture?

g.r.namratha's picture

I have seen many lecture notes on general topics like stress, strain, tensor etc..

But, I am more interested in learning about fatigue and fracture mechanics.

Please let me know, if there are any online courses, for the above given topics.




Zhigang Suo's picture

iMechanica page Lecture Notes lists several sets of online notes on fracture mechanics.

Dibakar Datta's picture

 Prof. Allan Bower wrote an outstanding book on Solid Mechanics ( free ):

 Book :

 Fracture Part :



pragtic's picture

Dear Namratha,

For fracture mechanics, you can try ILTOF online course (see, which is free.

There's nothing like that in fatigue as far as I know. You can try to pick the tiny bits in Prof. Socie's, but it's a quick glance only.

Good luck in your search.



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