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Simpleware Case Study: Pseudomorph Modelling

In this project, Simpleware's image processing and mesh generation software was used to complete an ancient geological process through new technology. The goal of the project was to create a pseudomorph, an object that maintains an original shape over time while changing its inner materiality.
The pseudomorph in this project represented a snail that had become fossilised as an air void within the Jurassic Coast’s rockbed over millions of years. High-powered CT technology and Simpleware software was used to visualise the microstructure of Portland roach stone and to extract a mesh of the air void suitable for 3D printing as a new object. 
Scans were made of the rock and the preserved airspace, with a single pseudomorph segmented using Simpleware ScanIP. The airspace was then meshed, scaled up and exported to a 3D printing process to be created as an RP model.
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