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Picture frame shear test


 I'm trying to simulate a picture frame shear test using ABAQUS and I have landed up with some problems for which I haven't been able to find any solution from almost a week. Any help would be much appreciated!

So, here's the problem:

I have a fabric sheet of area 140mm x 140mm. The BC are as shown in the file bc.png.The bottom left corner is fixed and a displacement of UX = 40mm and UY = 40mm is applied on the top right corner node.

I have to perform the picture frame shear test such that the edges of this square surface remain straight even after deformation. For this purpose, I decided to use MPC Constraints (link) after going through the help documentation. I got the following problem at the corner slave nodes: 

2 nodes are missing degree of freedoms. The MPC/Equation/kinematic coupling constraints can not be formed. The nodes have been identified in node set ErrNodeMissingDofConstrDef. 

I have attached an image showing the MPC Constraints along with the master nodes.

I realized that the error was caused because these nodes had two master nodes assigned to them and hence the DOF conflict occurred. In order to overcome this problem, I tried to create a wireframe from the reference point (fixed point) but even that didn't help. The corner elements are still getting deformed along the outer edge and I am not able to find a solution for the same.

Any input to solve this problem would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance! 

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