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Hello everybody

I try brain injury in abaqus 6.13. I use for 3d modelling mimics software and 3 matic. ı make all brain parts from MRI in mimics and export to 3 matic for meshing. I do smoothing,reducing triangle etc. in 3 matic. then export to abaqus with orphanmesh. ı am doing assmbly, step, intreaction, bc,jop etc. in abaqus and run. ı use just abaqus interface but not phton ı am new in abaquse. my problem are

1. The abaqus run during 3 days in my computer but give no result step time is 0.006 s and dynamic\expclit(My computer is 64 bit 4 gb ram)if ı want to see visulation it said " this is no valid step data available on the database. if the anaysis is running, the databese must be closed and reopened once the results have been intialized.the requested operation has been cancelled"

2. There are warning about 5000 distorted element within milions elments and ı dont know what can ı do? ı cant remesh in abaqus, you think, do ı have to remesh increaising\decreasing in 3 matic again or can ı ignore this stuation.

3. when ı entered value of the brain possion ratio 0.49, the abaqus give warning "The poission ratio of 0.49 exceeds 0.48(so the bulk modul of 36.500 exceeds 25 times the shear moduls of 0.73490) however a hybrid type element is not used. this may cause convergence probblem" ...

What can ı do this situation why it takes a long time how can ı solve fastly this problem

My english is bad. excuse.


Nay help?

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