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Run GEBT online within a web browser

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One can now run GEBT (Geometrically Exact Beam Theory), a general-purpose nonlinear composite beam solver, online within a web browser through Users do not have to install the code on their own machine. And users can access to immediate support if run into any questions. You are welcome to try out the code and let me know any of your questions. 


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Dear Wenbin Yu

I am really impressed by the high quality of search  which has doing by you and your colleague related to composite materials, it clear that you were improved the theory in order to obtain an accurate results in complex problem: I have worked before on the effect of shear deformation on behavior of composite beam:

Currently I am interested on the effect of shear deformation on dynamical behaviour of composite beam by including shear factor

The solution will be more complexe in the case of FGM beam

I would like to have this opportunity in collaborating with you 

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Dear Adjal,

Thanks a lot for your kind remarks. In fact you don't need shear factor to capture transverse shear deformation. You just need VABS to get the 6x6 stiffness matrix for Timoshenko model. Then you can use GEBT to get all the dynamic behavior you need, linear or nonlinear. As it is informed, GEBT is already online, VABS will be on soon in a few weeks. 


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  Dear Wenbin Yu

I am pretty thankful for your adequate answers; I wish to have an opportunity in collaborating with you in this field

Best regards 

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