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Tom Hughes wins the 2007 Timoshenko Medal

Tom Hughes is named the 2007 Timoshenko Medalist by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  The Timoshenko Medal is widely considered the most prestigious medal in the international community of mechanics.   Timoshenko was the first recipient of the Medal, in 1957, and the year 2007 marks the 50th anniversary.

While it is hard to know exactly how many mechanicians are in practice in the world, the US National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics represents 15 organizations in the US, with a combined membership about half a million.

During the ASME Congress, 11-15 November 2007, in Seattle, Tom Hughes will give a speech upon receiving the Medal at the Applied Mechanics Annual Dinner.  Speeches of past medallists have been collected on iMechanica.

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Carl T. Herakovich's picture

Congratulations to Tom Hughes for being selected as the 2007 ASME Timoshenko Medalist.  Cleary, this is a most deserving honor for Tom.  His election maintains the highest of standards for the Timoshenko Medal.

Very much deserved!  

Well desvered and over-due !

Professor Hughes is one of the most influential mechanicians of our time. 

N. Sukumar's picture

A richly deserving honor. Tom has made many a seminal contributions in computational solid and fluid mechanics. In particular, I have admired his mathematical rigor and preciseness (FEM textbook is a case in point), combined with the ability to present the material in a very systematic and logical manner. This came through in his lectures too (I attended a course he offered at N'western in Spring 2000).

abshaw's picture

He has many fundamental contributions in computational mechanics.   

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