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Piezoelectric Stack Modelling in ABAQUS

How does one model a piezoelectric stack Actuator in ABAQUS?

A small write up on the Piezoelectric stacks:
The piezoelectric stack actuators are basically piezoelectric layers (like patches) stacked one on top of the other along the thickness i.e. in the direction of poling, to be employed in the "33" Mode. Each layer is supplied with the same electrical potential (voltage), and the same amount of displacement results in both layers due to the same dimensions. AS such the total displacement is the summation of all displacements of all individual layers.

If I attach top surface of the 1st layer to the bottom surface of the 2nd layer by a tie constraint, and then apply apply electrical potential to both surfaces of the two layers, then there is an incompatibility between the tie constraint and the electrical potential boundary condition. How do I go about it?
Should I just leave the individual layers without any tie constraints? But, would that be correct? As in reality, each layers are attached to others?



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