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Solved LSDYNA problem

Dear frind,

I m a new user to FEM and trying to solve engineering proplams in my working place by ansys.I would be greatly thankfull if i am sent some ansys examples u done.

thank u verymuch 

In ansys there is help file with examples.

please go through all help.

if ur facing any problem mail me.

Thnak u

Hi MR. Lakku12

Could you help me for constituting ortogonal cutting model in Ansys Ls-Dyna?

thanks. I want to your message


Please go through some journals or some reseaach papers.

What is ur intention???. if u want to study the behavior of Workpiece, make tool as rigid and viceversa. if its composite material then its more havey to assign the material property and meshing.

Mr Lakku 12, Hi

My intention is constiute oortogonal cutting model in Ansys and determine cutting force and cutting temperature on cutting tool.

How I can cutting model in ansys?

which parameter I use?

thanks for all

in ansys you are not getting the explicit method. its only the steady state method.

Thr is no need of specifing the time with respect to load, you have o use the contact element in Ansys. If your using he Ansys Ls-Dyna you can study the explicit behavior of the material under a time with a load.



Hello Mr. Laku,

I have a question about LS DYNA, as Im yusing an implicit to explicit anaylsis. I have done the implicit anaylsis in ANSYS, as i switch to explicit and perform all the changes in the ANSYS/LS DYNA GUI all is working perfectly. I want ot add a command that isnt present in the ANSYS , so i ask to generate the .k file through the GUI command EDWRITE. The problem starts that when i run the code for the ANSYS/LS DYNA and LSDYNA solver each one alone i get two different results, even i didnt perform any changes yet. Actaully the ANSYS/LS DYNA results is the right one while the LS DYNA solver one is wrong, I also get in teh resutls missing element in the graphics and load isnt working properly. I still need to run through the solver of the LS DYNA after I add the additional LS DYNA command. What could be the problem, I have no clue. Could you help me please.


George Salib

If you are creating LS-DYNA models and having trouble defining advanced features, you may find that it is easier to use a pre-processor that supports the entire LS-DYNA keyword set. eta software sells a preprocessor called eta/VPG is that fits this description. Nearly all of the LS-DYNA Keywords are supported within the preprocessor, so that you don't have to edit the input deck by hand.

VPG is easy to learn to use and affordably priced for academic institutions.  

VPG also has a complete post-processor and several special purpose modules. You can get more information about eta/VPG at or by contacting me.

 TJ Flemings

in Ansys Ls-dyna thr is option to write ".k" file time in solution window.

Just try that. to get the .K file and try to run it in the LsDyna Solver.

The main problem is the postpor tht r using is of diffrent flatform.

Just chech it.

Hello Friend,

I am using ansys/lsdyna for quasi/static modelling. But I have not got satisfactory results. Could you please give me some comments about quasi-static modelling?

many thanks


i am doing experimental investigation  of springback effect on CFRP .

i wanna do analysis of that process through quasi/static modelling 

kindly guide me ,

Good afternoon,

I some question about ANSYS LS-DYNA setup:

1. After where I put the boundary condition on my model, I save the solution in form "xxxxx.k". How I can solve the problem, and after tha how I can read the result, visualize the result?

I waiting your answer.

Thak you very much for help and best regards.

 P.S. Please tell me all steps necessary to solve and read a solution with ansys classic ls-dyna.Cry

phammy's picture

Hello my dearly friends

I met some problems in post processor in ls-dyna when i used the Ansys. Could you show me how can I draw some graphs of stresses and strains with respect to time. 

 I really looking forward your answers.

Thank very much in advance for your help!

With best regards,


Any problem in Ansys/LSDYNA messege me......

could you please tell me how can apply cyclic loading to 2D model steel joint.And how can i connect them by welded type element.That should be in ansys commands.



Dear friend,

define a array parameter for a cyclic loading. cyclic loading is used in fatigue analysis.

I think ansys Welding and Work bench are the used for a welding. Modules are avialable in Ansys.


Thank you


Dear friend

Is it possible to guide me by typing the commands.


balavenkatesh's picture

Hello sir,


    I'm working on high velocity impact analysis of solid particle erosion, in which i have to simulate the impact of particle on the target.

    I modelled the target as rigid and the particle as bilinear kinematic mat model...

    I gave initial velocity and acceleration for the particle.

    The surface to surface automatic contact is used

   3D element of soid 164(8 node hex elems) are used...

   The problem here is even I gave the initial velocity to the particle in -ve Y-direction, the particle is moving on +ve Y-direction...

   And also the displacement is not appropriate..


   Please suggest me what can i do to rectify this problem...




Dear lakku12

I would like to help me if you are familiar in ANSYS and tell me how can I model bearing with rotor in ANSYS. 



can u help me to do sequential solution in ansys ls dyna 

(explicit to implicit analysis )

am trying to do spring back analysis of sheet metal bending 



I am newbee to ansys ls dyna .kindly help me 

Suggest some materials/books /video to do sequential analysis (explicit -implicit)


can u plz help me solve ANSYS LS-Dyna drop-test module. I tried with tutorial but its not worthy to conduct drop test for an imported solid model. Basically i need to perform drop test for an electronic component (imported assembly file of course) and I stuck with the meshing part and other procedure.:confused:

I'm new to this tool. Can u plz suggest me the procedure step-by-step or an document will also do...

I really appreciate for your help!

With best Regards, 

Dear Friend,

I think the problem is with a tranformed model for some modeling software(CATIA, PROE). when you get this model in Drop test platform, data will be lost. If there is no data loss you will get the result 100%.


Thank you


 Dear friend

could you please tell me how can apply cyclic loading to 2D model steel joint.And how can i connect them by welded type element.That should be in ansys commands.



Dear friend,

Please use Ansys work bench for fatigue analysis. It is easy to define all parmetres in AWB.


Thank you

sam19815050's picture

hi allllllllllllll

looking for ansys ls dyna tutorial

can u help me 


Hi all,

I have a very basic question. Can I implement a UMAT in Ansys/LsDyna? I am currently working with material modelling and I am trying to use the examplesubroutines from the lsdyna manual. Any suggestion on the topic is more than welcome.

Cheers and thanks


Hi Lakku,
many thanks for the links with examples of UMAT. I don't know if my problem is more "procedural". I have a UMAT compiled with fortran compiler and the LS971.exe file created after compiling...but if I run the .k file using this exe file, I obtain an error message saying that a default material model is used instead of my UMAT. I was wondering if the problem is related to the Ansys/LsDyna licence I am using.

hi Teresa,

I think the problem with a Ansys/Lsdyna matrials list. UMAT is not supported by the Ansys/Lsdyna.


dangel7's picture

Hi there,

 I'm new and i don't know yet if this is the right place where to write.

 I'm a student in cranfield university and I have to use Ls-dyna for my thesis.

Until now I have made a disc with and some blades attached to it. The material for the disk is *mat_rigid, the material for the blades is *mat_plastic_kinetic.

I applied an initial rotational velocity with *initila_velocity_generation to a *part made of disc and blades

the model runs but I cannot see any strain on the blades. I tried to applied dynamic_relation with all default values but it didn't work

 Could you help me or tell me who and where I can ask to please?

 Daniele Paltera


if there is contact, and  define a proper contact will gives a strains values.

and one moere thing just check the velocity what you given is for *mat is acceptbel or not.

Thank you


Is it possible to tell me how could I apply shell element for steel beam-column connections,it is 2D module each beam and column has flange and web in this case it will be four real constaints.the question is what type of shell should apply (Ansys benchmarks)please.




if its shell.. and your using 2d them.. use any element shell which deals 2d. Go through the ansys help

in adress bar type " help,shell"

It give you the help file. 


thank u

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I m working on plate containing muliple holes and from each hole two unequal cracks are emantaing.


pls Can any suggest how to model above problem in ANSYS...?

thanks in advance.




in modeling iniate a crack and then apply the load at the ends so that crack shoud be extend. give the crack growth circle.


Thank u

laxmi512's picture

Thnaks for ur reply...

I am doing my project on orthotropic plate containing multiple holes and cracks.For this problem 

 In ANSYS I am using  shell element which has 6dof.

 I  am trying to apply moments from long time but I din't succeed.

 Sir can  u pls explain me how to apply and where to apply Moment and torsion over plate ?


pls explain me step wise...


while solving I am getting  error:not constrained properly,ROTY value exceede the limit,rigidbody motion.

pls help me in this context.



hi can you please help me what material model to use to simulate composite impact in ls-dyna

for a composite material "damage " material is used in Lsdyna.


I am a new for using ANSYS, I want to model crack on rotor and find its natural frequency and mode shapes in ANSYS and I don't know which kind of ANSYS is better for rotor dynamic. Please I need your help if you have any idea about this issue and I would be gratefull for your assistance. thanks

Hamed farzi's picture



I working on modeling the pin slipping on the disc

For the graph result I'll need to determining Friction force with time. How can I get the graph of force friction by time?

please help mi 

Hello Everybody

I am in need of help in including multiple load step options in my c program which is a fem solver for contact(2D).

I do not understand how  to go for second load step after the 1st one.

Its not clear for me what all i have to do, one thing i know is updating the nodal locations.

Please help me on this or guide to the place where ir can get help. 

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