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Problems with atomic force microscopy


 Recently, I have a problem bothered me alot, anybody please help me out.

 I am using Dimension 3100 AFM. It is a scanned tip SPM. There are two screws to adjust mirrow so that the laser can be reflected to the photodiode. My problem is:

 After the laser was reflected to the center of the photodiode, I do locate tip/focus surface. The red spot will shift to the edge of the photodiode. According to my understanding, the red spot should stay center when I do locate tip/focus surface since it doesn't alter laser optical path. Anybody has same experience before?

Thanks very much for your attention!



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In case you haven't seen this link:

I have a friend who uses an AFM, I will send your question to him and let you know if he replies. 



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I think the laser spot should stay at the center. Did you accidently let the tip touch the surface while you tried to locate them? Otherwise, you may want to try another new tip and make sure it is firmly attached to the head.

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