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Question regargding ductile damage criterion in Abaqus

Hello Friends,


As you may noticed, once you use ductile damage criterion in Abaqus, you need to enter Fracture Strain, Stress Triaxiality and Strain rate as your inputs. It seems confusing to me as in the manual it is mentioned that "the [ductile damage ] model assumes that the equivalent plastic strain at the onset of damage is a function of stress triaxiality and strain rate", while in the interface you need to enter Fracture strain as your input along with stress triaxiality and strain rates. I tried to find the aforementioned function but I had no success in it. I was thinking may be there is no predefined function in Abaqus for Ductile damage model, as opposed to other damage models in which the strain at fracture would be obtained as an output of a clear function such as Johnson-Cook damage model, and maybe Abaqus only interpolates a function based on the tabular points we introduce as Fracture Strain, Stress Triaxiality and Strain rates. I would appreciate if you help me to find an answer for this question and tell me whether Abaqus uses any predefined function for Ductile Damage model or not.





Hello Reza,

                 In this case, Abaqus does not provide any functional form for fracture strains in terms of triaxiality. Instead, you have to enter triaxility and fracture strain points in the table format. For further details see:


Hello Ravi,

Thank you for your response. Would that mean I can plug in  triaxility and fracture strain (or even more properties such as strain rate and temperature) for  an arbitrary damage model and Abaqus will create a damage function through interpolation? I am wondering what exactly does the software do in this case.










As I researched further, I noticed that both ductile and shear fracture criteria models in Abaqus are inspired from a paper published by Hooputra et al. (2004). However, although other properties (such as temperature) are not involved in Hooputra's fracture models , we can introduce them in a tabular form in the software. So my question is if Abaqus make a function of fracture at strain necessarily in the form of the functions introduced by Hooputra et al. ,or it could be a function in any arbitrary form which is obtained by curve fitting ? I am just wondering what the software will do after we enter our tabular data. 


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