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Miner's rule in Fatigue

Can the Miner's rule for fatigue be used in the fracture region?

(Assuming a cracked body, under n different uniaxial stresses)

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Zhifeng Yao's picture

Miner's linear cumulatives rule is wildly used in the fatigue and damage area, and in the frature region it is also adaptable, however it maybe lost the physical meaning. As the Ali Fatemi said:' the Miner's rule is always right and only unsuitable maybe occured.' That's ture, at least in my opinion. Thanks. 

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The question is less trivial than it seems, but maybe you have answered this by now.

In crack propagation, how would you use Miner' rule?  Miner rule associates damage to a level of stress and a number of cycles only ---- for cracks, you would need to add the size of the crack.   And then, in fatigue crack propagation, we expect the size of crack to matter, so the sequence effect also.  Sequence effects are also called "load interaction", and you may find a lot of literature on load "retardation" and load "acceleration" of cracks.

It is true that you find more retardation than anything else, so in some sense some simplification is posslble, but still this is not what I would call Miner's rule.

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