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Who are moderators and what do they do?

The architects can assign a subset of registered users to be moderators.

The moderating rules are set by the limit of the software and by the architects. A moderator can do the following:

  1. Edit all posts. The history of revisions is visible to all registered users. To view the histroy, click the title of the post, and then click the button "revisions".
  2. Edit all comments. For comments, however, no histroy of revisions is available.
  3. Delete any post. This feature should be used with extreme caution. If a post is not obviously harmful, but seems to be of no interest to mechanicians, the moderator will simply remove all tags, and leave the post in the blog of the user. See discussions on this issue.
  4. Delete any comment.
  5. Unpublish any post or comment.
  6. Promote any post to the front page.

All rules have merits and flaws. iMech will evolve rules sensible to most users. At present, when we are young, perhaps we should focus on adding content of mechanics, rather than spending too much time on setting up rules. After all, rules right for baby iMech may not be right when we grow up. But in all time, rules will be kept transparent.

You can shape iMech by making comments and suggestions concerning these rules.

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On occasion, it's possible one of the moderators will make a mistake regarding the promotion of a post to the front page. Or, some of them may disagree, and decide that a post should be moved to one of the sub-pages. Is there any way to enable this?

Edit: I believe I've answered my own question - this option is already present. Moderators can simply "unclick" the front page publishing option for a post.  Obviously, this should be done in consultation with the moderator who originally promoted a post, and hopefully not very often.

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