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Micromechanics Simulation Challenge

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As the importance of micromechanics is increasingly realized in composites design & manufacturing at the industry level, cdmHUB is launching a Micromechanics Simulation Challenge for the purpose of establishing the best practices for homogenization and dehomogenization needed in composites design and manufacturing. The Micromechanics Simulation Challenge consists of 3 levels with increasing complexities, each with benchmark-type problems  to access the strengths and trade-offs of existing micromechanics codes. We are currently defining level 1 problems and soliciting comments from micromechanics tool developers and other interested parties. Any inputs from the imechanica community will be greatly appreciated. More details can be found at:


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Hi Wenbin,

What is the status of this challenge as of now?



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We received many comments from the participants and we are revising the draft problems. The final draft will be out soon for participants to generate their results. Please go to to get updates about this.

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The level 1 benchmark problems are finalized and posted at 

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