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Output Spatial Displacement for Specific Nodes in Abaqus 6.12

Hello all,

I am modeling a rectangular steel plate with a hole in the middle. Both the plate and the hole are covered with an anisentropic carbon fiber laminate. The hole is pressurized and both the plate and the laminate are subjected to a biaxial load. I am interested in the spatial displacements of only the nodes on the interior surface of the carbon fiber. (Please see attached picture. I know the mesh is coarse, but I am working on a limited desktop)I know that I can output all the displacements from the entire instance in a report file, but is there any way to output only the displacements of a certain node set or surface? I would just copy and paste the node numbers directly, but Abaqus' node-numbering is difficult to predict and there are quite a few nodes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Before solving the problem create a node set for which the field parameter is to be extracted (say '<Field-Node-Set>').

After solving the problem, create a display group

Tools->display group->create->Nodes->Node sets->Select '<Field-Node-Set>'->Save as ->DisplayGroup-1

Then Click

Tools->Query->Probe Values-> Nodes->Select the desirable Field value-> Select a Display Group (tick on)->Display Group Select DisplayGroup-1

Then You would find the desirable field parameter values for that particular set of nodes and then Save as this list for the desriable purpose.

The values displayed can be edited by right clicking on the particular column title ->Edit Visible Columns_>Select desired quantities to be displayed in the table.


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