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In SPH method, does it need fracture criterion?

In abaqus ,  there is an example for SPH. It can be obtained by:

abaqus fetch job=ver_prc_projectileimpact.inp

There are two fracute criterion in this file.

But even both of them are removed, the simulation results are similar.


In SPH method, does it need fracture criterion?



 Without fracture criterioin, particles can get separated from each other as well. That is how SPH works. It is also the limitation of this method. 

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Would you like to supply some more infomation on this subject ?


      Any numerical method for a continuum analysis of solids needs to be explicitly told when to separate - a fracture criterion. Also, there is a need to redefine the region of continuum and its boundaries in the numerical model as the fracture evolves. This process is inevitable. However, meshless methods, particularly SPH, allow to simulate fracture in an elegant and realistic manner. There are many methods in literature to treat cracks using meshless methods. I have attached a few papers here. The firs two are based on SPH and others are based on EFG. Let me know if you need any more information.

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