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Laser Techniques been used

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I am sorry to say it is not laser photo pick-up.

 It is Laser Speckle Pattern techniques, which means the reflected laser beam from the targeting area of the surface of a detecting shaft has less diffused scattering effect because of the coherent light, so that the reflected light is obtained by an 2D photo-array CMOS sensor placed in Fourier Plane. The light obtained generates plenty of light speckles whose size is bigger than the size of pixel in CMOS sensor. Assuming the position of the coherent light source is fixed, when the detecting shaft is rotating, the light speckle is moving along with the rotary shaft. In that case, the new speckle is generated when the previous speckle is moving out of the light beam.

The speckles has linear relationship witht the angle displacement of rotary shaft. Therefore, the IAS can extracted by measuring the angle displaced and the time elapsed.

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