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Teng Li will be the new Editor of iMechanica Journal Club

Teng Li, the co-founder of iMechanica, will be the new editor of iMechanica Journal Club.  He has also played an instrumental role in the recent launch of the Elsevier Journal Extreme Mechanics Letters.

The iMechanica Journal Club was initiated in January 2007, and has been the most visible feature of iMechanica.  Many past themes of the Journal Club have helped to catalyze new areas of research.  You might wish to take a quick look at the list of past themes and discussion leaders. The list shows the vitality of research in mechanics, and the ingenuity of some of the most dynamic researchers. Many of them are at early stages of their careers.  

We take this opportunity to thank all past editors and discussion leaders for their willingness to lead, and for their creativity to do something inventive.

Over the years, many of us have talked about using iMechanica Journal Club to do things useful to the community.  If you have suggestions for Teng, please leave comments here.  Thank you all.


Zhigang Suo's picture

Dear Teng:  Thank you so much for taking this on.  You have a knack to seize new opportunities for all things related to iMechanica.  I look forward to watching where you will take us this time.  Warm regards and happy holidays.  Zhigang

Teng Li's picture

Thanks, Zhigang, for your kind words.

Journal Club has been a vibrant feature of iMechanica, which wouldn't be possible without the hard work of all Discussion Leaders and Editors, and more importantly, the enthusiastic participation of iMechanica community. Just like iMechanica itself, Journal club belongs to no one in particular: it belongs to whoever uses it.  If you have any comments/suggestions on how to better shape Journal Club, I’m all ears.

Journal Club is a great idea and I've learnt a lot from it. Most times, it tends to be focused on a narrow-subdomain/particular-problem that is the expertise of the leader. I think it'll be useful to have, at least once in a while, a "Perspectives" kind of discussion of a particular field, putting current trends in historical context, listing open-problems/bigger-questions in the field etc. I understand this is harder, and is probably a lot more work for the leader, but it'll be very useful for people like me who haven't been in mechanics for too long. 

Thanks to all the leaders/editors for your time and effort.

Just watched the interested movie Interstellar. Can someone lead a topic on gravity in the future? I guess those topic is under-represented here in Maybe most mechanicians nowadays no longer consider it belong to mechanics, but rather should be interested those who call them phycisists. 



Teng Li's picture

Liang, thanks for pointing this out. I haven't got a chance to watch this big hit Sci-Fi yet, but surely heard a lot about it already. Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne served as the scientific consultant for the film. If someone can identify an expert to discuss the mechanics aspects relevant to this film, it could be a nice iMechanica Journal Club topic.

Mechanics is no strangers to modern movie industry, especially in digital age. In Disney's Frozen, a box office big hit in 2013, the snow simulation was based on a material point method.  See a YouTube video on this.


Having worked on trying to get physics-based fracture into movies for the last two years, I can vouch that some serious mechanics is used in visual effects.  Though the thrust is mostly in fluid mechanics (and a bit of electromagentism), soild mechanics and finite elements are used widely by the industry.

-- Biswajit

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