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iMechanica Poster

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I created this one page poster for publicizing iMechanica, primarily in schools among students, where I think a lot of students are unaware of iMechanica. I hope I am not infringing on any copyright rules or negatively impacting iMechanica's image and sensitivities. Would it be okay to print this out and post it on notice boards in school? Also, please let me know if I can improve on the design or add/remove any components. I will resubmit the final version as a pdf for student volunteers to print (if it is acceptable).

Thanks for your time,

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Hi, Dhruv,

First of all, thanks for your passionate about iMechanica :)

I like your poster because it is not only compact but perspicuous. Since we are going to put it onto school notice board, I think we can broaden the object of our poster to all students (graduates and undergraduates), professors, researchers or technicians whoever have interest or passionate about mechanics. To attract everyone's attention, we can add more keywords about iMechanica, for example, journal club, software study, job & conference info and so on. BTW, you can also make use of the slogan of iMechanica: the web of mechanics and mechanicians.

Hope this can help. Thank you again, Dhruv. 

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Dear Dhruv and Nanshu,
I feel the same passion as you do.
Can you write something in my teaching blog, to encourage me, tutors and students?
Thanks a lot.

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