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Lateral Torsional Buckling of Steel I Beams by ABAQUS


I am new in ABAQUS. I tried a lot to find the critical lateral torsional buckling moments from ABAQUS for simply supported Steel I beams. I modelled an I beam with shell element and define the sections. I meshed it by number. Then I did buckle analysis with 4 eigen values in step part. I create boundry condition as a simply supported beam using those node of after meshing and I also applied uniform moment at two end.


But, how do i find the critical moment for LTB? Again, is there any procedure to follow? 


Thanks in advance.

Imran Kabir


The critical moment will be your LTB moment. So, depending on the load you are inputing the LTB moment will be able to be calculated. Of course, you need to remember that for I girders the moment gradient is also important for the determination of the LTB critical loads.

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