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Modeling reinforced concrete in ABAQUS

Hi everyone, 

I am a master student working on my master thesis using ABAQUS. I am modeling an experiment, but the problem is that my results from ABAQUS do not agree with the experimental results. Can you help me to check if I have done any mistakes? 

The model is a slender square concrete column 150x150mm and 1300mm long. 
Longitudinal reinforcement:  550MPa, diamater 8mm 
Lateral reinforcement: yield strength 630MPa, diamater 6.5mm, spacing 10.5mm 
Mean compressive strength of concrete: 34.32 MPa 
Eccentricities of applied load: ex=50mm ey=50mm 
Load: 1kN/s 
Pinned conditions at both sides 

I use concrete plasticity damage model. For defining the load I use deformation control with a prescribed deformation 0.010m.   

I have attached my input file and the expected load-deflection curve. 

Thank you for your help! 
// Nessa 

Image icon Load Deflection C23.png12.64 KB
Plain text icon C23-3.txt251.64 KB
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Hi there!

Can you please specify in detail what kind of problem you are facing?



Naseef U.

Hi Naseef! 


I had problem with the units and I fixed it. I have also changed the Amplitude to Smooth Step and did other changes to the model as well. But still I don't get correct result. In the experiment the maximum load reached is 900 kN. However I only reach 90 kN before failure. 


What is the reason I reach failure so early? 




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