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Abaqus error: Modification of Odb file by Input file processor


I'm getting the following Abaqus error when I'm using a Python Script to run jobs in succession by changing few parameters of my model.
It's running fine for a few iterations but then it is showing the following error. 

OdbError: The .lck file for the output database 'job_name.odb' indicates that the Analysis Input File Processor is currently modifying the database.  The database cannot be opened at this time. Analysis Input File Processor exited with an error.


Any help is appreciated.


While an Abaqus analysis is running (and thus potentially writing to the ODB file) it creates a *.lck file. This indicates to a new Abaqus job of the same name that it shouldn't try to run or there may be a conflict. Basically it means that your jobs may be running before the previous one completes, or that Abaqus crashed during one of the runs, leaving the *.lck file there.

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