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Question about abaqus command opening .f file

Hi all:

I am a master student and got a question about abaqus.

I have a model and want to open it. But when i type abaqus user = ***.f, it shows later that I need to input the 'identifier' and 'input file'. how can I solve this and what should I type in these parts?

BTW, there are many .inp files and I have no idea which one to choose.

Sincerely hoping for response.

Thanks a lot

if there are many input file,s do not coose the one that have  line like "include ****.inp" at the end and choose the one that contains the nodes and elements means the starting file. If your that specific input file name is say max.inp and the .f file is say mark.f

then use the command "abaqus job=max user=mark int" to run the subroutine. i hope it works 

Hi kishan:

Thank you for your advice, but when i input as you suggested, it appears that the file cannot be located, but the .inp file has the same path as my fortran file and under the same folder, do you know how to deal with this?


Hi can you send me the input files so that i can have a look what is going wrong

I've solved that, its because the original input file was written based on abaqus 6.3 and I am using 6.13. thank you~

haha what a mistake. Once such thing happened to me. I used a negative sign instead of positive. Took me two weeks to find it. glad that you found it on time

Ha yeah, we do need to keep an eye on when writing input files

anway do you deal in crystal plasticity?

ah nope, i am dealing with tire deformation, what about u

my work is related with crystal plasticity formation. One on which there are slip planes in metals. is tire deformation interesting ? You must be using a polymer based model. right?

wow, sounds cool~ so you are dealing with those associated with crystal structure for different materials? my work is basically related to vehicle dynamics, there's jsut a little part with materials 

Yah crystal plasticity is very much fun. From the next semester I will have very few courses and would be able to make some serious work. Still i am having problems in making the very first umat. I am trying for past 4 weeks. Lets see how much more time it would take. anway good luck. It looks like you are doing great.

Please fell free to contact me if you need any help. My email id is I am just a student now and hoping to get a phd

ah that's great~ glad to meet you. I've sent you an email for confirmation

OK I have replied you and I will stay in touch and hoping to see you doing some good.


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