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BlazeTech has several full-time openings in Combustion and Fluid Dynamics at the Ph.D. level or equivalent.

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24 Thorndike Street, Cambridge, MA 02141-1882 • office@blazetech.com
R&D Positions in Combustion and Fluid Dynamics
We have several full-time openings for engineers/scientists at the Ph.D. level or MS and equivalent.
1. Combustion Job Description:
• Test and model the combustion of chemical and biological agents (small scales tests in house and large-scale tests at national facilities.)
• Model material interactions with high energy lasers
• Must have completed course work in chemical kinetics and combustion or fire dynamics
2. Fluid Dynamics Job Description:
• Optimize, build and test a proprietary instrument to measure particle mass flux in a blast field
• Design a scaled up version of a supersonic blow-down tunnel at a national test facility
• Adaptation of existing CFD code to specific applications such as aerodynamic heating
• Must have completed course work in compressible flow and shock waves
Requirements for both types of positions:
• Strong background in Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
• Strong in experimental and/or analytical and numerical methods (CFD experience desirable)
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Willingness to work on a number of projects both independently and in a team
• US Citizenship (preferred) or Permanent Residency
Founded in 1987, BlazeTech is a leader in providing R&D, product development and computational services in environmental safety and energy for civilian and military applications. Over the years, we have developed innovative and cost-effective solutions for many problems of national importance. Recently, we focus on major hazards and homeland defense threats that pose risks to people, property and the environment. Sample accomplishments include:
• Gelling of hazardous chemicals to improve safety
• Measurement of nanoparticle agglomorates
• Fire/explosion protection of aircraft fuel tanks under accidental and combat conditions
• Testing and FEA of the dynamic response of structures and fluid structure interactions
• Development of software for atmospheric dispersion of reactive chemicals
• Development of novel low NOx burner and fluidized bed combustor
BlazeTech is a half-way house between academia and industry that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Our projects include multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge work in technical areas with high potential for market impact. We perform work similar to the R&D department of a major company but our flexibility allows us to be very responsive and tackle new problems. For the self-motivated, the opportunities for innovation and achievement abound – all the way from project conceptualization to commercialization. We provide competitive salaries and benefits including life, medical and dental insurance, 401k and profit sharing. Please send resume and transcripts to or to Human Resources at the address below.
Phone: 617-661-0700 • Fax: 617-661-9242

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