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How to make 3 parallel beam elements to work together in abaqus?

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I want to model an I-section beam profile, composed of 3 beam elements.

Because the material of the the web is different from the flanges, I choosed to create 3 beam elements (B33) for each part (attached you can find a rendered picture).

What do you think about this solution?

How can I connect the 3 elements to work togheter?


Thank you!

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You would need to couple the nodes of two beams to the nodes of a master beam (likely the center one). That said, I'm not entirely sure this is a completely valid way to use beam elements. I think you'd be better off using solid elements or shells for this. That'll ensure you capture the transverse effects correctly.

sketch all three components seperately,Use section assignment to assign the scetion, and then assemble it.


or use shell elements , just sketch an I and then extrude it and then assign respective sections

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