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Elasto Plastic model for ballast material

I am new to Abaqus, and moddlling railroad ballast material in abaqus for cyclic loading. Could you please anyone let me know what is best elsto plastic model in Abaqus I can use for the ballast material.

Thank you.


Hello, did you find the best model to ballast? it's because i'm writing my thesis and its about this... I need a model bilinear like the picture... If someone can help me i'll be gratefulBallast resistence

Link pincture



Hi, I am using Drucker-Prager model but not yet quite successful. The problem is it is not capturing the continues plastic strain. Did you find anything?

Hey, To model ballast and subgrade in abaqus you should use Drucker prager plasticity model. It's a model that you can use to model granular frictional materials.


I don't know have you made literature search about it but this reference is gonna work.

Sorry for not get back to you soon. Somehow I got missed my imechanica account now i found and back. Yes, Actually I am using D-P model, but the problem is it is not capturing the continues plastic strain. Within 3-5 cycles the plastic strain stabilise. Based of my lab test results, my plastic strain continuously has increasing value up to 10,000 cycles and then get stabilise. You have any idea what controlling in D-P model that my plastic strain stabilise in 3-5 cycles. Also could you please send the link again, may its expired. Thanks for your reply and appreciate it.

I have found the paper you linked. But that MS thesis work include elastic approach. No plasticity model used.

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