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Enter brain material



I have a 3D brain model.ı want to enter value of  viscoelastic do ı entered this value in abaqus


G0=0.528 MPa, (short term shear moduls)

Ginf=0.168MPa,(long term shear moduls)

B= 35 (Decay contant)



any help?

You didn't get any responses because there wasn't a lot of information. I'd check the Abaqus manuals for *Viscoelasticity and see if that helps. Abaqus may not take the material data in exactly the form you have here. The *Shear Test Data card may also be useful for you.

I would also highly recommend going through the UMAT article in the ABAQUS manual.

There is an example provided to code a UMAT for a simple viscoelastic model. Might give you some ideas.

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