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Element delatation for Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) process

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Dear all,

I am using Abaqus/explicite. My material definition is elasto plastic with stress strain values up to strain of 15!. After borthering tries now I think if I can set "Shear Failure Criteria Element Deletation option", it is possible to avoid this error. But I cannot find this option. Could someone guide me what exactly should I do in order to add distorted element deletation option and how? (an step-by-step tutorial will be approciate)

More Explanation about process:

I am modelling an special type of bulk metal forming named High Pressure Torsion. In this process an specimen with a 50mm length and 10mm diameter is fully confined inside a two-part die (each part of die have a cavity with 23mm length and 10mm diameter) After locating specimen inside of the dies, they compressed against eah other in order to produce hydrostatic pressure in a specimen in order of 5GPa. Now, we fix one of die pieces and revolve another one to about 3 full revolutions. When I am modelling this process some of specimen elements flow between die parts and distored (after showing a long strain). This cause my model to stop.

 Best Thanks, Mehdi


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Hi in material mdoel you can add damage, shear damage and input the onset criteria and the propagation criteria. above that threshold, the element will be deleted. Dont forget in the step module for setting the field output, choose to output the STATUS, DMCRIT, SDEG options.

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Thanks a lot for your comment. I'll go through it soon and inform you about the result, Best



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Thanks for your attention. I just cannot understand the advantages of setting the field output. Could you explain a little more plz?



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