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Door closing effort

Hello everybody,

I'm a new Abaqus user and I would like to ask your advices regarding the way I have to solve a problem with Abaqus. I have experience with MBS software, esp. with Simpack, but only with rigid bodies and not flexible ones. I want to simulate the closing effort of a car door, in order to calculate its deformation because of its contact with the sealing gasket of the side part of the car (see the .gif). The help manual of Abaqus  already contains an example with a car door, which is optimized regarding its weight. The hinges have been modeled with kinematic couplings and hinge connectors. My question is how to rotate the door and define contact conditions between the door and the side part. Which tools should I use, in order to rotate the door, e.g. 3 degrees  relative to the side part. For the contact definition is possible to to define a flexible (deformable door) to flexible body (seal system) contact condition in Abaqus and how can it be implemented?   

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