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User subroutines in ABAQUS

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Hello all,

I am new to this. I got a couple of good inputs from this site, so I thot I would join too. I am a PhD student in Clemson univeristy. I am using ABAQUS for my research. Let me get to the question quickly. There are two variables that you can define in a user subroutine called TOL and HTOL. What are these and how can I know more details about this. Any inputs will be appreciated.







I am afraid I don't know the answer for your question on TOL and HTOL, but if you need support and answers regarding special topics in ABAQUS you should check out MySupport at ABAQUS' homepages: You need to register, but when that's done you can browse lot's of questions asked by others and post your own. You may also get in contact with ABAQUS employees who are very service minded, however, not always extremely fast in their response.

I've found it quite helpful regarding subroutines on modelling of shape memory alloys. I find the answers given there both accurate and detailed.




Jim S. Olsen   

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