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Median Review Time of all ASME Journals

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I attended an ASME meeting during which the Managing Director of ASME Publishing reported on the ASME publications. 


Please find two of his slides related to the ASME journals, in which he singled out JAM for its rapid publication.  The first slide is the median review time (from submission to editors final decision) in 2014 for all 27 ASME journals, for which JAM is the fastest -- 2 months (in 2014).  The second slide gives the median review time from 2010 to 2015 for JAM, and the newest data point is 1.2 months for 2015. 



Office presentation icon two slides.ppt259.25 KB


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I had a really happy experience of the super fast publication in JAM. Thanks, Prof Huang!

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Dear Prof. Huang,

I really enjoyed and appreciated the fast publication of JAM. I sincerely hope that JAM will become better and better!


Jianliang Xiao's picture

It's excited to see that JAM has made such impressive improvement in terms of the publication speed! Thanks for the contribution!

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