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Can terminate simulation when crack starts to propagate in Abaqus?

Is it possible to terminate the simulation when crack starts to propagate in XFEM? How can I specify the following function? 

if (crack start to propagate)

    abaqus job=xfemjob terminate


Is it possible to set in input file? Or I have to resort to user subtoutine? 


Alternatively, I can control the process through shell script. But I need the abaqus output the condition variable 'crack start to propagate' to a file, so my script can assess. Question is: can I request output the stress of one nodes to a file after each incremental? 


General question: how to control the simulation process based on some variable of previous incremental? For example, stop the simulation when the displacement of one nodes is beyond a value.


Thanks a lot.


Best wishes,


The first thing that comes to mind is the is the XIT command. I've used these in my UMAT's to do precisely what you want to do, that is exit the analysis when certain conditions are met.

It's in the Terminating an analysis section of the User subroutines manual (2.1.15)

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