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Call for abstracts for session "Mechanical Characterization of Soft Materials" in SES symposia 2015 at TAMU

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Symposium Title: “Mechanical Characterization of Soft Materials”

Organizers: Shengqiang Cai ( & Yuhang Hu (

Sessions: 2


Soft materials are ubiquitous in nature, from biopolymers, cells, and tissues to organs. In recent years, soft materials have been intensively explored in different engineering applications, ranging from haptic devices to soft robotics, from flexible electronics to biomimetic systems. Fundamental studies of the deformation mechanisms of soft materials and optimal designs in different applications urgently need robust methods for material characterization. The co-organizers: Prof. Yuhang Hu and Prof. Shengqiang Cai have both conducted intensive studies on mechanical characterizations of different soft materials in recent years. Yuhang Hu has developed a new technique based on indentation to characterize the mechanical and transport properties of gels. She also took bio-inspired approach to develop new materials and structures with adaptive optical and wetting properties. Shengqiang Cai has successfully established state of equations of various gels and developed viscoelasticity models of dielectric elastomers under electro-mechanical loadings.  In this program, the co-organizers plan to invite both theoretical and experimental studies on mechanical characterization of soft materials such as gels, elastomers and biological materials. We appreciate new techniques that are applied to study the microstructures and macroscopic behaviors of soft materials, advanced models used for material characterizations, and new devices for imaging and measurement. We aim to sharing and advancing our knowledge and technology in this area.

Important dates:

  • June 26, 2015: Abstracts due
  • July 10 2015: Notification of abstract acceptance
  • September 18, 2015: Early registration deadline

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