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Software for composites



I apeal to your more knowledgeable selfs because I am in need of assistance. I work as an intern in an R&D instutute (INTCD Comoti - Romania) and our department needs to aquire software for modeling and testing composite materials (mostly CFRP). I understand that the best software out there for this sort of thing is ABAQUS by DS. I whant to know what you think and maybe you can help me write a task book in with the minimum tehnical requiremets will be written. That's the thing, I do not know where to look, at what characteristics to look to determine wich software is the better one. Please help me with this. If I am not makeing myself understand, please ask me. I really need to get to the bottom of this. I'm kinda stuck in a tree and the tree is floating :/.

Thanks alot!

Best regards,

John B.  

Wenbin Yu's picture

John, you asked a very tough question. We at Purdue launched Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB with one of its missions is to benchmark composites simulation tools. We started with Micromechanics. You can refer to our first report at

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