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Theme Articles on Soft Materials may Interest you ——Published on Acta Mechanica Sinica

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Welcome to theme articles on mechanical characterization of soft materials published on SCI-indexed journal


Theme Articles on Soft Materials

Guest editors: Yan-Ping Cao, Yang-Tse Cheng 

Yan-Ping Cao          Yang-Tse Cheng      

Yan-Ping Cao                          Yang-Tse Cheng

Determining the mechanical properties of soft materials (e.g., biological soft tissues, polymeric gels, and soft elastomers) across multiple length scales represents an activity of increasing importance in understanding the deformation behavior of soft materials under various stimuli. Much effort has been made in the past in this field. This theme issue of the Acta Mechanica Sinica contains a number of innovative papers regarding the mechanical characterization of soft materials from five different groups.

1: Preface: Mechanical characterization of soft materials

Yan-Ping Cao, Yang-Tse Cheng 

30(1), 1, 2014

2: Nanoscale viscoelastic properties and adhesion of polydimethylsiloxane for tissue engineering 

J. Chen, K. E. Wright, M. A. Birch 

30(1), 2-62014

3: Viscoelastic analysis of single-component and composite PEG and alginate hydrogels

Jenna M. Shapiro, Michelle L. Oyen 

30(1), 7-142014

4: Mechanical properties of double-stranded DNA biofilm with Gaussian distribution

Heng-Song Tang, Wei-Lie Meng, Neng-Hui Zhang 

30(1), 15-192014

5: Separating viscoelasticity and poroelasticity of gels with different length and time scales

Qi-Ming Wang, Anirudh C. Mohan, Michelle L. Oyen, Xuan-He Zhao 

30(1), 20-272014

6: Dynamic tensile characterization of pig skin  

H. Khatam, Q. Liu, K. Ravi-Chandar

30(2), 125-1322014


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