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vertex and node in abaqus


I need help in removing all vertices from the model in abaqus using python script.

The vertices changes the nodes numbers when I call the nodes!!!!

any suggestions??

Thanks in advance

Could you please write in more detail as to what exactly is the issue ?

Did not get what you meant by "The vertices changes the nodes numbers when I call the nodes!!!!"

Thanks for your reply.

The problem is that, for example node 4, a node in my model  :

      1,           0.,           0.,           2.
      2,  0.800000012,           0.,           2.
      3,           0., -0.800000012,           2.
      4,           0.,           0.,           4.
      5,  0.800000012,           0.,           4.
      6,           0., -0.800000012,           4.
      7,  0.800000012,           0.,           0.
      8,           0.,  0.800000012,           2.
      9,           0.,  0.800000012,           0.

as you can see, node 4 has coordinates of  0.,           0.,           4.

but also in the model, there is a vertex number 3, has the same coordinates!! which means that there is a vertex on the node 4.

Now I am writing a script which depends on the node numbers. But when I call the node 4, it becomes another one, because this node with these coordinates are already taken by the vertex!!!

Is there a command by which I can delete or hide the vertices when I call the nodes?!!



Thanks for writing in detail.

I don't think there should be a conflict if you are calling nodes based on node labels. I just tried calling a node at a location where a vertex also exists. I used...

mdb.models[modelname].rootAssembly.instances[instancename].nodes[nodelabel] for the node, and

mdb.models[modelname].rootAssembly.instances[instancename].vertices[vertexlabel] for the vertex

and ABAQUS reports the corresponding entity correctly. The only difference being that the node labels are always zero indexed, i.e. if you are looking for node label 20, you should call 19 and so on. This is not needed for vertices, just call 20 as 20.

I hope this helps, or you could share your code here for further examination.


Thank you so much

it  worked :)


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