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how to implement an initial stress field in another analysis


I need help in using an initial stress field ( thermal residual stresses) in a new mechanical analysis.

I have tried two different methods, which give me two different solutions.

The first:

I add these commands to the input file of the heat transfer analysis:
*Output, field
*Node Output
*Element Output
*Node fil
Next build a static step to read the file.fil (from the thermal part)
** Name: Field-1 Type: Temperature
*Temperature, file=file address, step=1, inc="last number of increments"

the second:

is to define a predifined stress field from the load module in the mechanical analysis, in which I call the .odb file from the heat analysis. and put step=1 and inc="last number of increments"


Which one is right?

Is there any other way to do this?

 and , if the analysis requires periodic boundary condition, how do i apply the PBC in the thermal analysis?




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