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refine brick / voxel mesh


Discretising geometries with a brick (voxel) mesh of constant element size is very simple and quick.  However, sometimes there are locally small features which would benefit from a more refined discretisation... In my case, the geometry (a textile reinforcement) is complex and tet meshes get very large very quickly – and are slow to generate. Hence, bricks are a simple way forward.

Here are some geometry examples:

I do understand that we can have a transition from bricks to e.g. tets using pyramid and prism elements. However, is there a way to 'just' use smaller bricks to refine an area in a voxel mesh? For example, would it be possible to introduce bricks in the voxel mesh with more nodes locally (mid-nodes), e.g. C3D20 elements or similar, and then attach these to C3D8 bricks of just half the size to achieve the local refinement?

Fyi, currently I use Abaqus CAE.

Just wondering...

Sorry, I first posted it here as a blog, but I think it i better off as a question;)



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