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Abaqus Scripting : elementSets Missing

Hello everybody,

I'm currently facing an issue on ABAQUS script and i hope some of you might help me on it.

I'm trying to access Element Sets from abaqus scripting interface, the different element sets of my model were defined on the .cae file.

The problem is the following: when i'm on the GUI i can display my element sets without any issues, but when i'm triyng to find my element sets on the scripting interface (using :

print openOdb(....odb).rootAssembly.elementSets)

they are not appearing (only 'ALL ELEMENTS' is available).

Maybe i'm searching my element sets on the wrong location ? 

Thank You






Try this..




Thank you for your help, i have solved the problem by creating the sets directly on the assembly and not on the instances, but your solution should work as well.






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