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Critical Fracture energy release rate for cohesive zone model

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Hi, I am trying to estimate the critical fracture energy release rate for a cohesive zone model of metal laminates bonded together.On using the lap - shear test( mode 2 debonding of the laminates) I am able to find the total energy released on delamination.For a zone of length L and width w my experiment provides the total energy released as area under load - displacement plot = U.I am also able to obtain the fracture energy release rate per unit width as u =  U/(w*L). My question is can this be used as input critical energy release rate for traction separation behavior in abaqus i.e Gc (area under the traction separation curve for a single element). As there could be many cohesive elements in unit length along the fracture front, I assume that the cumulative fracture energy released by all the elements in unit length  = u. Hence Gc/element_length = u, however I find that many use Gc as u.I would be very grateful for any suggestions as to which approach is correct. thanks,Shouvik

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