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Recent Review Paper from Advances in Mechanics——Research progress on the mechanics of high speed rails

Journal Tittle: Advances in Mechanics

Tittle: Research progress on the mechanics of high speed rails

Author: Guowei YANG1, Yujie WEI1, Guilin ZHAO1, Yubiao LIU1, Yingying ZHANG1, Yunlin XING1, Xiaohui ZENG1, Jiang LAI1, Han WU1, Qisheng CHEN1, Qiusheng LIU1, Jiachun LI1, Kaixin HU1, Zhongping YANG2, Wenzheng LIU2, Wenjing WANG2, Shouguang SUN2, Weihua ZHANG3, Ning ZHOU3, Ruiping LI3, Qingsong LV3, Xuesong JIN3, Zefeng WEN3, Xinbiao XIAO3, Xin ZHAO3, Dabin CUI3, Bing WU3, Shuoqiao ZHONG3, Xin ZHOU3


1Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China;

2Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China;

3Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, China


As a result of the "Speed Up" campaigns initiated in the end of last centurywhen commercial train service averaged 48 km/h, China now has the world's longest highspeed rail (HSR) network. In the past decade, China Railway High-speed (CRH) has undergone numerous technological innovation to ensure their safe, eco-friendly, and economicaloperation. With the privilege of involving in the construction and operation of such a largescale and long distance HSR network, researchers and engineers in the eld have gained systematic and deep understanding about the dynamic system composed of train, wheels andrails, catenary and pantograph, and aerodynamic resistance. In this review paper, we summarize current research progress covering aerodynamics, catenary-pantograph interaction,dynamics and related issues of carbody, stability analysis, rail-wheel interaction, reliabilityof key components, and mechanisms about noise-generation. At the end, we supply ourperspective about opportunities and challenges for future research and development on themechanics of high speed rail.

Keywords:  high speed rails; aerodynamics; catenary-pantograph interaction; dynamics and related issues of carbody; stability analysis; rail-wheel interaction; reliability of key components; noise-generation

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