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PhD position at Polytechnique Montréal on the mechanics of biosourced composites

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Biosourced composites and polymers for tommorow’s structural applications

 Biosourced polymers were considered as a curiosity and a utopia at the beginning of the millennium. Since then, recent developments in biotechnology, the environmental awareness and the net increase in fossile energy sources costs contributed to the success of some bio-plastics, especially for short life applications. The potential impact of higher-performance bio-sources composites on mass applications (car and construction industries) is huge and there is a clear opportunity for developing both these materials and the associated design tools.

Sherbrooke University and Polytechnique Montréal obtained funding for working on biosourced composites and polymers for tomorrow’s structural applications. On one hand, the team will formulate and process new materials of improved properties. On the other hand, the team will develop new design tools for these materials.

We are seeking a PhD student for working on the design tools for these materials. The approach will rely on homogenization which aims at predicting composites effective properties based on microstructural information. These materials exhibit an ageing and viscoelastic behavior that must be accounted for in the early design stages. This project is mainly theoretical/numerical but features an essential experimental validation part. The student will be co-supervised by Prof. Martin Lévesque (Mech. Eng.) and Prof. Marie-Claude Heuzey (Chem. Eng.).

Applicants interested in joining the project should send:

1.          Brief curriculum vitea along with their transcripts;

2.          A list of publications where one section is devoted to articles accepted/published in international refereed journals and one other section where all the other communications (conferences, books, papers not written in English, etc.) are listed;

3.          A one-page letter explaining their expertise and their contributions to research.

 Incomplete or applications not respecting the format listed above will not be considered.

 Applications should be sent to prof. Martin Lévesque :


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