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ABAQUS CAE and input file problem

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I tried to use ABAQUS CAE model a benchmark input file example in documentaion, geometry, boundary condition, load and everything are the same with what is said in input file. But Result got by CAE is different from result run by reading .inp. Is there anyone know why?

If I understood correctly, you download and run the benchmark input file, but the results don't seem to match with the ones given as plots in the documentation?

It would help if you could tell which benchmark problem you are working with.

Thanks a lot. The examlpe is "contourintegral_den_xfem_c3d8.inp 1.16.1 Contour integral evaluation: two-dimensional case" in Abaqus Benchmarks Guide of 6.14. Let me make it clearer. I download  contourintegral_den_xfem_c3d8.inp and run it, the max Mises stress is 2380.  Then I make  another model again with the same parameters(geometry, boundary condition and load, mesh and etc.) in CAE, and the result the max Mises stress is 1432. That makes me confused, actually I came across with the same problem with another benchmark examples provided with documentation as well.

There are many keywords that have to be written/entered manually in an input file, and are not available in CAE. Therefore, you must check the input file that you create using CAE, and compare against the one given in the benchmark problem. Keyword such as *Initial Condition is common to be missed, and there could be others too.


Yes, I did check the input file generated by CAE and compared it with one downloaded from documentation. But there were no real difference between them. If you don`t mind, would you please leave you email and I can send these two .inp to you. Because I can`t find attachment button to enclose them here. Thank you evey much .

I find the button, but only .txt can be uploaded. So please change .txt into .inp.

On a first look, the only difference seems to be in the *Initial conditions.

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