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The second perspective paper is published in JAM

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JAM now publishes the perspective papers.  As invited by the editor, the author (or authors) writes a short perspective paper on an emerging area of research related to mechanics, like the Readers' Digest in mechanics.  The first perspective paper, written by Prof. Huajian Gao from Brown University, was a great success -- the paper has been read or downloaded by >8,000 times.  Now JAM has published the second perspective paper, "A Perspective on the Revival of Structural (In)Stability With Novel Opportunities for Function: From Buckliphobia to Buckliphilia" by Prof. Pedro Reis from MIT, in the November, 2015 issue.  The paper is attached.


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It's enjoyable reading this type of perspective papers! Short, but informative. Nice addition to JAM!

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I read Huajian and Pedro's two perspective papers on JAM with great interest. Such a great idea for JAM. Thanks, Yonggang!

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These are wonderful articles to read, especially for junior researchers.

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It is a great addition to JAM. It is enjoyful to read this short review type of article.  

It is enjoyable to read these short yet informative perspective articles.

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It is enjoyful to read these wonderful articles. Both of the two articles give good reseach directions.

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