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Call for Abstracts: Multi-scale and Multi-physics Poromechanics at InterPore 2016

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This mini-symposium is a part of the Interpore 2016 conference.  It focuses on the mechanical behavior of porous biomaterials including tissue adhesives, bone scaffolds, soft and hard tissues and their implants.  Biomaterials present several features such as load-dependent microstructure, chemical interaction between solid and fluid phases, chemical potential-driven fluid flow, presence of multiple fluid phases, large deformations and multiple scale-porosity that affect their overall mechanical behavior.  Biphasic poromechanics models exist but do not capture all these features.  Experimentation, constitutive modeling as well as numerical simulation that shed light on the multi-scale, multi-physics mechanical behavior of porous biomaterials are encouraged to be submitted.  In particular, the following topics are of interest:

a)      Development of multiscale and multi-physics constitutive models which bridge the gap between material synthesis and continuum-scale modeling.  Methods such as micromechanics, continuum mixture theory, statistical mechanics, quantum chemistry etc. may all be used to embed micro/molecular scale phenomena into constitutive models.  Numerical simulation can involve several techniques including FEM, molecular dynamics, ab-initio calculation or combinations of them.  Interesting details include:

a.       Chemical equilibria between fluid phases

b.      Viscoelasticity and hyperelasticity of the solid phase

c.       Microstructure-dependent non-linearity in the solid phase

d.      Pore-pressure driven biological changes

e.       Multi-phase fluid flow such as blood, plasma and synovial fluid

f.       Viscous and Non-Newtonian fluids, capillary pressure

g.       Swelling and Leaching

b)      Experiments on underlying micro or molecular-scale phenomena affecting continuum scale behavior. 

a.       Imaging of microstructural or molecular change with deformation

b.      Evidence of poroelastic behavior based on size-dependence


c.       Effect of leaching, swelling and tissue deposition/apposition 


Abstract Submission Guidelines:

For the submission of the abstract, the following information is needed as unformatted text:            

  • Abstract title
  • Names and affiliations of authors
  • Presenting author
  • Three to six keywords
  • Abstract body, up to a maximum of 500 words
  • Reference list, up to 6 lines
  • Up to 3 graphics (accepted formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG). Equations and graphs need to be submitted separately (please see link below)
  • Minisymposium or general session to which the abstract is submitted: Please select "Poromechanics of Biomaterials" as the minisymposium
  • Preference for oral or poster

Please submit your abstract as per the instructions on the conference website:  The deadline for submission of abstracts is December 18, 2016.

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