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Error messages when I import an Abaqus example file in Abaqus CAE



I have problems with running a file in Abaqus, it gives me this error message:


WARNING: The following keywords/parameters are not yet supported by the input file reader:








The model "tiretransfer_symmetric" has been imported from an input file.

Please scroll up to check for error and warning messages.



When I use abaqus job="file name" interactive to run the file in the command prompt, it only gives me the results of the chosen outputs, but I want to open the file so that I could see how they have modeled the geometry and which boundaries and loads they have put on the model.  Is there any other way to run the file so I won't get the error message mentioned above? 


Seems like your inp file was created in a more recent version of Abaqus and you're running the job on an older version. I would try running the inp file on a newer version of Abaqus or create it from scratch using the Abaqus version you currently have and see if that works.

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